We do the Tech
You do the Business

We do the Tech

You do the Business

Tailoring Technology since 2001

Brilliant stuff - transforms the way we live and work - almost like magic!
Until it goes wrong.
And when it goes wrong, you need a special type of magician to fix it.

We've been specialising in IT solutions for over twenty years and provide a host of services which can be specifically tailored to businesses of all sizes.
Based in Watford and servicing Hertfordshire, Blue Box works with a wide and diverse customer base. We appreciate our customers' needs and cater for each on an individual basis.
We have developed a package of services ideal for supporting sole traders and smaller companies, while some of our customers use us as an off-site IT department.
Whatever your needs - from software advice and installation, to outsourcing IT - Blue Box can help.
There's no substitute for experience. However large your business is, whatever your IT needs are, you need a specialist. Blue Box, like all great magicians, makes the complicated look simple.

And we also have a few tricks up our sleeve.



The right choice

The Right Technology

Blue Box is committed to helping its customers innovate in their industries through the implementation of new technology.
We can advise on which system to choose, we will install and set up new equipment and provide ongoing support should anything go wrong.
Having been established since 2001, we're now IT specialists across Hertfordshire. We've built up partnerships with our customers and taken the time to understand their businesses. And because we understand our customers' needs we can implement the most effective solutions for them.
We're passionate about technology. We will always source what is best for our customers regardless of what would be most profitable for us.

And we'll see the job through - negotiating the best prices, liaising with suppliers and installing the system - we do all we can to minimise downtime and keep our customers working at maximum capacity.

Working with you

Ongoing Support

For most people, technology is absolutely vital to the success and efficiency of their business, yet few feel they have the skills to cope when it goes wrong.
We hear time and again that IT is marvellous when it works and utterly overwhelming when it doesn't.
Blue Box are specialists in IT support - we love it and we do it well.
We plan ahead to help our customers avoid potential problems, and provide ongoing support should things go unexpectedly wrong.
Whether you have a niggling irritation or a serious problem, we're confident we can help.