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Working together

If necessity is the mother of invention, then the latest Cloud-based solutions are the new kids on the block.



Systems such as Azure Virtual Desktop (previously Windows Virtual Desktop), Windows 365 and Amazon Workspaces, have been specifically developed to make working on the go easier and faster than it has ever been before.


Everything you need - everywhere


Taking Azure Virtual Desktop first, Microsoft created AVD in direct response to the way the world is now choosing to work.


While some systems enable users to work with their offices wherever they are, AVD practically creates the office. It effectively replaces a traditional office desktop with a faster, more accessible and scalable platform.


Essentially, users can now access all their corporate documents wherever they may be; they can work with colleagues, collaborate on documents, talk together and share information, exactly as if they were within a building… even if there is no building!


It’s quick, easy and cheap to use – there’s no monthly fee, it’s subscription based and you simply pay for what you’ve used. This flexibility would enable a business to employ a new individual for just a few days, arrange their own email address and provide access to the desktop and files to be shared with them, while literally only paying for the days or hours they go on to use.

You’ll need an IT specialist to set it up for you (Blue Box’s wealth of experience has been further strengthened with specific Microsoft qualifications including AZ900 and AZ104), but once established, you can hit the ground running.


The joy of Azure Virtual Desktop is that being Microsoft, it’s a familiar product, but the user experience it delivers is first class - easy to use, efficient, cost effective, fast and in excess of 99 per cent up time guaranteed.


And if you are physically in the office, you can use it there too - and specify which virtual machines to use, making it incredibly cost effective. In addition, it’s equally suited to sole traders as well as corporate giants with literally thousands of employees.


For organisations of up to 100 users, Azure Active Directory will deal with security and manage which individuals have access to which documents, while Sharepoint and Onedrive will keep everyone’s files synchronised.


Larger organisations will benefit from the Hybrid Active Directory, which synchronises office documents with the Cloud, but whatever the size of your company, AVD will revolutionise the way you work.

Working with you

Your own PC - in the Cloud!


Another Microsoft offering, Windows 365, is also a great choice for those working remotely, creating as it does, your personal computer in the Cloud, fully accessible from any device with internet connection, be it computer, tablet or phone.


It has much in common with AVD, but It’s essentially easier to set up and mange and it allows the user to budget efficiently with a monthly fee, although this flat fee remains the same whether it’s being used all day every day, or just for two hours a week. Users are able to connect to their Cloud PC using a browser or a remote access app, and use a wealth of functions including Microsoft Teams seamlessly.

Work smarter whever you are


Amazon Work Spaces meanwhile, allows the user to access their office workspace from multiple devices. Amazon has also teamed up with Samsung to create a very neat little device for users of Samsung smart phones. Samsung DeX is small, lightweight and portable. It allows users to connect a Samsung S8 phone to a keyboard, mouse and screen, then connect to the internet either by a physical wire, or Wifi or the phone network. The user can then use the S8 to access the Cloud computer exactly like a normal desktop PC.


Once attached, the phone’s memory can be accessed by the Cloud PC keyboard and mouse, making it ideal for manipulating and sending images, and at the same time, the user can still answer their phone and send SMS messages.


We can advise on the best platform to suit your business needs and as always, you can trust Blue Box to keep your feet on the ground, even while your head’s in the Cloud.